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Acupuncture for Southern Living  Paula Lord,  L.Ac.  Licensed Acupuncturist

Welcome to Acupuncture for Southern Living. My name is Paula Lord and I got into acupuncture from severe neck and back pain. I received physical therapy but my pain kept increasing. I had 2 young children, and the pain was so intense that I contemplated suicide. My mother was going to see an acupuncturist and since nothing else had worked, I asked her if I could go along and get treatment myself. I didn't know anything about acupuncture, but wanted to see if it could relieve my pain. So impressed by the amount of pain relief, I asked the acupuncturist so many questions that he suggested I go to school to learn more about it. The rest is history.

I have lived in Auburn Alabama for 5 years now, and it is very different from my home town of Los Angeles, Ca. The South is very damp and humid, and it affects every aspect of health. One out of three patients has had their gall bladder removed; one out of 10 has no thyroid; and one out of 50 has only one kidney. Most women have hysterectomies and urinary bladder issues are frequent due to paper mill toxicity overflowing into the water supplies.

Women from my generation, in their 40's and 50's, have been used as guinea pigs for new drugs, birth control, sleep aids, and much more. These women, while they remain very active may feel fatigue, have fibromyalgia, minimal sex drive, headaches, arthritis, allergies, and pain. Through acupuncture they can expect a great improvement because traditional Chinese medicine looks at the body as a whole unit, not individual parts all working on their own. Acupuncture can help most things improve simultaneously. I myself have experienced numerous fibroids, c-sections, endometriosis, and IBS, all of which have seen great recovery through the natural and holistic approach that acupuncture takes on healing.

As a mother of 2 daughters and from living in a college town, I have seen the health problems the next generation of women face. Teaching and helping young women regulate their periods, control PMS, gain stress management tools, and relieve their headaches will create long term health benefits. They will experience much less infertility, learn acupressure techniques for stress, nutrition counseling, and much more.

It is said that if you have an ailment for 3 years, it can take 3 months for the body to rectify the problems. With acupuncture treatments, I usually recommend coming in once a week for 4-6 weeks, and taking herbs which is optional. The herbal formulas have undergone strict guidelines for purity, and usually speed up recovery by 50%. Once we see great recovery I then re-evaluate the treatments and suggest a maintenance schedule. I am looking for years of recovery for you, not weeks.

If you are interested in reducing and eliminating the pharmaceutical drugs you are taking, I would love to help you. Most patients get off these drugs over time and feel much better. It takes time to get recovery to the body before you can stay off the expensive drugs, but the drugs are treating symptoms, have numerous side effects, and don't treat the root cause which can lead to ongoing usage, but with acupuncture getting to the root of the problem you can become drug free.

An intricate part of recovery is our ability to face our emotional issues. Because emotional responsiveness is a critical component to a healthy life, I explain very thoroughly how you can get your mind, body and spirit in balance and harmony.